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Desk pens

Standard Desk Pens

WN Bandless Desk Pen

This is a model WN bandless desk pen ca. 1941-2. Bandless pens featured the two engraved bands instead of the nickel band. Early models featured plain spade levers, while later models featured the grooved spade lever as shown above. The early plain spade levers had a thin nickel plating and are prone to rusting.

Early Renew-Point Demonstrator

This is an early Renew-Point Demonstrator desk pen.  These pens came with a special display unit featuring all the available nibs.  A customer could simply select their nib of choice, insert the nib in the pen and test the nib.  The section is friction fit to enable quick change between nibs.  This particular model is imprinted with a sans serif font and stamped into the barrel.

Renew-Point Demonstrator

This is another variation with a sans serif font stamped into the barrel. Like the model below, there is no hypen between Renew and Point.

Late Renew-Point Demonstrator

This is a later Renew Point Demonstrator (note, no hyphen between Renew and Point). This imprint is not stamped into the barrel but rather screened on to the barrel and utilizes a serif font.  There are no levers on the barrels for these Demonstrators. For a closer look at the imprint differences please see my imprints page.

W Desk Pen

This is your standard W model desk pen ca. 1948.  These are shorter than the earlier R. Esterbrook marked desk pens.

Solid Grey W desk pen

Desk pens come in as many variations as pocket pens do. Here is an example of a later pen in a dark grey, similar to the model SMQ Deluxe pen.