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J Series Pens: Double Jewel Pens

J Double Jewel

Now we're getting to the meat and potatoes of Esterbrook.  The classic double jewel J.  These came in three sizes J (full sized), LJ (slender), and SJ (demi) and in the classic six colors.  Oddly enough, neither the 1949 nor 1952 catalogs show the LJ.  Double jewel models come out around 1948 and were produced in vast quantities, with many showing up in the wild with perfectly pliable sacs and in perfect writing condition.

Black J
Red J
Blue J
Copper J
Green J
Grey J

The earliest double jewel models simply have the "Esterbrook" imprint, whereas most are as shown above with the Registered symbol (®).  J's have double round black jewels with the name on the clip.  One of the interesting features of the J series pens is the different shades of plastic used there seems to be at least a light and dark variant of every color. While this was not intentional on Esterbrook's part, there are obvious differences. Don't be fooled however that these were production or "rare" variants.

Clipless LJ

This is an unusual clip-less model LJ made specifically for the Salt Lake City Public Schools. I have never seen another similar clip-less pen outside of the pastel series.

Esterbrook produced a series of LJ sized pens now commonly called "Icicles" due to the pin striping of the plastic.  These were made later in production, and all seem to have the later spoon style lever.  The Green Icicle departs from Esterbrook's normal color scheme and is much more vibrant than the marbled green color.  All of these icicles pictured above except for the blue model were made in Mexico.

Prototype Icicle
Prototype Icicle showing 6668 nib
Side view of 6668 nib
Underside of 6668 nib

This is a prototype icicle with much closer, thinner stripes with a prototype 6668 Triumph style nib. Never introduced into production, but quite a looker.

J Demonstrator
PJ Demonstrator
FJ Demonstrator

This is a model J Demonstrator used to demonstrate the inner workings of the pen. Also a PJ demonstrator, whose cap actuated desgn stayed pretty much the same from 1934 through 1957, and the companion FJ Ballpoint Demonstrator.