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Relief Pens: BCHR Eyedroppers

BCHR Eyedroppers

Special thanks to David Nishimura at for these pictures

BCHR Relief 314 eyedropper

This is a Wirt made Relief 314 eyedropper with the original price band. This is identical to a Wirt model 47 eyedropper.

Imprint on the 4C Eyedropper

Imprint on the 4C eyedropper.

De La Rue Eyedropper

This is a De La Rue made eyedropper similar to an Onoto.  Note the over feed on nib.

Imprint on De La Rue Eyedropper

Here's a close up of the imprint and chasing pattern on the De La Rue.  Notice the imprint reads "'Gold Relief'".

Here's a recent acquisition, a similar De La Rue eyedropper

De La Rue Chatelaine ED

The nib

De La Rue nib

The imprint and English hallmarks on the cap

De La Rue Gold Relief Imprint

Special thanks to Gary Lehrer at for these photos