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The Ink Feed

November 30, 2015

Stay tuned at Anderson Pens where vintage Esterbrook and other pens come up for sale regularly. They often go fast, so stay abreast at our Blog where we announce the offerings!

April 16, 2010

Now offering Repair service and supplies on the updated Repair page! More changes to come in the coming weeks and months, New pens, both Esterbrook and non-Esterbrook being offered for sale as well as hopefully some new additions to some of the other pen pages with acquisitions from the past couple of years! Stay tuned!

November 18, 2007

Updates to the Relief pages to include two of the hardest to find models, the 4-L and the 2-R Relief, $1.50 pens, and Nibs for Sale have been updated with current in stock inventory.

September 30, 2007

33 more new pictures added on V Clips, $1.50 Pens, Relief 1 & 2-L, Relief 2-S & 12, Pastels, Scribe & Flo-Master, and a new page, Other Pens.

September 29, 2007

32 new pictures and 3 new pages added. Additions can be found at the new Phaeton, CX-100, and Scribe pages, with additions to Dollar pens, J pens, Desk Pens, Imprints, and minor updates to the Nibs listing. Enjoy! More coming soon hopefully!

August 19, 2007

Some minor picture updates to the Pastel page, Dip-Less pen page, Desk Sets page, Deluxe page, and the M2 page.

April 10, 2007:

New nibs in Stock!!  Get them while they are available!!  Broads, Flexibles and Stubs in hard to find numbers!! All available on my nibs page.  Pens for sale to come soon!

April 5, 2007:

Sorry, no recent updates in quite a while, been busy with the day job, but new renew-points and pens and pencils coming soon. I am taking requests for the new nibs as soon as they come in, there will be Broads, Stubs, Relief, Flexible and more! Email your requests (by nib number if at all possible, and I will do my best to meet your needs, First come, First Served!!

September 27, 2006:

Updates to Deluxe Series Pens (still a work in progress), Safari Pens gets a total overhaul, and additions of Pastels (still a work in progress) to J series Pages (finally!), as well as an additional Dollar Pen page, which showcases some early plastic models and better divides up the images across three pages.  Also, be sure to check out my Imprints page for a listing of some of the different imprint variations found on Esterbrook pens.  I hope to finish up the pastels and deluxe pages within the next couple of days.

August 25, 2006:

More updates coming this weekend. If there are suddenly images missing, or text that no longer makes sense, it'll be changed soon!

August 6, 2006:

More updates, check out $1.50 Pens for better images. Also some new pens available on my For Sale Pages

July 27, 2006:

New Updates!  More and better pictures!  Check out the 101 Pens and V Clips for new additions.  Also, new pages coming soon, stay tuned for details!

July 5, 2006:

It's July here at and that can only mean one thing. Le Tour de France! If there's one thing I like as much as or more than collecting pens, it's watching this awesome and grueling sport.   So, my replies to emails can sometimes be delayed by a day while the Tour is in full swing (I promise to get to all responses within two days).

April 1, 2006:

Progress has been slow here at lately, but I'm working on putting together a list of more models to add. Some interesting late model cartridge pens and ballpoints to be added by end of summer. In the meantime, why not supplement your Estie fix with some nice pens on my For Sale pages? (Shamless self-promotion :) ) New Visumaster and icicle pics up on my J Series pages.

November 21, 2005:

Need storage? Lots of good storage and display cases available this week at I recently upgraded my storage and am selling off numerous other smaller cases. Also, lots of pens for sale, both here and on ebay. Older pens here have been reduced. Great gifts for Christmas!

October 3, 2005: achieved a bit of notoriety this past week by being referenced by the Bloomsbury Auction House in London during one of its Auctions, "This short model is unrecorded in the Esterbrook listings compiled by both Jonathan Donahaye and by Brian Anderson.." with regards to a Relief 22 and a Relief 3-L.  Unrecorded, heck, I don't have a black double jewel J listed either, maybe that's worth some money?  ;-)

September 20, 2005:

More stuff for sale and more to come. I've been managing to find vacs in the wild lately, and a couple nice ones are headed out to be restored for resale, including a 1935 Vac Jr. in green marble with a Vacuum Filler nib. :) More Esterbrook pens coming soon too!

September 4 , 2005:

At least 7 new pages and over 30 new images with this web update!  I'll be using this area to let you folks know about any updates to the site.  There will be more updates coming soon!  I'll also use this area to inform of unique finds!