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Esterbrook Pens & Parts Wanted!

Here's short (yeah, right!) list of the pens, pencils and parts I'm currently looking for.  Please Contact Me if you have any of these to sell. I also buy non-esterbrook pens!

Pens & Pencils Wanted:

-BCHR Esterbrook Eyedroppers (Made by and resembling Wirt or DeLaRue)
-Twist Fillers in Grey, Green, or Copper
-Safari and Plunger-Fil Demonstrators
-Relief pens (model's 1-R, 2-R, 3, 4-L, 4-S, 5-L, 6-L, 7, 22, or any 'S' button filler)
-Relief pencils
-Visumaster visulated section pens and Pushmaster pencils
-1934-5 two hole clip Dollar Pen in Black PLASTIC, not HR
-Early Doctor's Pencil with two hole clip and red or black ends
-Solid plain plastic Dollar Pens and Pencils (Model BT).
-Dip-Less pens marked, "Dip-Less" with 5xxx/7xxx series re-new-point.
-Most any 401/402/403/411/413/421/422 dip-less desk sets
-Aluminum capped "military clip" style pens and pencils (other than black)
-$1.50 pens and pencils
-Prototypes and any other unusual models

Parts Wanted:

-Ventless feed for Wirt eyedropper
-Relief 3 clip
-Relief 5 lever
-Barrel for Red Model B dollar pen
-Red (preferred) or black top for No. 401/402 dip-less desk set
-Three ribbed cap jewels
-Cap for grey full sized Dollar pen (any cut-out pattern accepted)